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Splintermail Privacy Policy

As a general principle, Splintermail seeks to collect only the bare minimum amount of information which is necessary to provide our service.

Note that currently Splintermail is in beta testing, and that this policy will change when beta testing is complete.

Information we collect

Information directly related to your account

Data such as username and password are provided by you when you create your Splintermail account. Other types of data include email aliases you control and other account preferences you may have set. We use these data directly to provide you with the email service. When you delete your account, these data will be removed from the server.

Statistics about your usage of our service

Splintermail email accounts are rate-limited in how many emails they can send. This is an important step to prevent spammers from abusing our service and making email suck for everybody. A count of how many emails you have sent is kept, and is reset every 24 hours.

Personal Correspondence

You may choose to voluntarily provide information to us through personal correspondence related to your account, such as via email. We use this correspondence only to improve our service for you and others. Messages you have sent may be deleted at your request.

Log Files

When you connect to our servers, certain data are recorded in log files. These data include your public IP address, the timestamp of the connection, and in some cases a summary of actions taken during the connection (such as which webpages were accessed). It is our intention to significantly reduce which data are collected in log files after beta testing is complete, but during beta testing these data are used to identify and fix issues in our service.

Payment Information

Presently, during beta testing, Splintermail does not charge fees or collect payment information. In the future we will collect payment information, which will be shared with a 3rd party payment processor, strictly for the purpose of charging fees.

Information we share

We don't share any information with 3rd parties, although when we start to charge fees, this is likely to change, as mentioned above.

Where your information is stored

The Splintermail server is currently a Virtual Private Server hosted via a privacy-friendly hosting service located in Iceland. The location and nature of our server is likely to change as we develop our service.

Splintermail believes in liberty and privacy, and will never allow a 3rd party track you through our website.