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Why Splintermail?

Way too many eyes want to read the email in your inbox (see evidence). Remember that collecting data is never free, and nobody collects to help you — they collect to control you, whether for money or political power.

We believe privacy is a right. It is just as wrong for companies or government agencies to read your email as it is for them to follow you and record your face-to-face conversations. The only one who should have access to your email inbox is you. Our email service makes that possible.

Privacy with Splintermail Encryption

Traditional PGP email encryption is good, but it does not encrypt the To, the From, or even the Subject of an email, leaving critical metadata exposed. But when you receive an email at Splintermail, the entire email (metadata and all) is encrypted to a key generated on your own computer. PGP can still be used as an additional layer of encryption without issue.

In order for you to access these fully-encrypted emails from any email client, Splintermail provides a small, open-source program that runs on your computer and does all decryption locally. The decryption key never leaves your computer.

With Splintermail's encryption, you can communicate transparently with users of other email services while maintaining a secure, private inbox. By extension, messages between multiple Splintermail users are never exposed beyond the Splintermail server, and are stored only in fully-encrypted form.

Anonymity with Splintermail Aliases

Does it bother you that every website wants you to register with your email address? It bothers us. In the same way that using a unique password for every account is good for your security, using a unique email address for every account is good for your anonymity.

That is why every Splintermail user starts with 1000 free aliases, which can be used for both sending and receiving mail.

Splintermail believes in liberty and privacy, and will never allow a 3rd party track you through our website.