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About Us

Splintermail's founder is a programmer, a world traveller, and a US war veteran. He was serving as a intelligence analyst in Afghanistan in 2013 when Edward Snowden released information describing the National Security Agency's widespread collection on US citizens.

As an intelligence analyst, the US government tasked him with collecting on insurgents so that they could be manipulated to US interests or eliminated. As a result, finding out that the US government had tasked someone else with collecting on him was more than a little disconcerting.

In 2017, after years of frustration looking for an email service that offered the privacy and functionality that he needed, he sat down one day and started his own.

Today, Splintermail is an organization based around a single mission: deliver privacy to every email user. We can't fix everything wrong with the world, but we can fix email.

Will you join us?

Splintermail believes in liberty and privacy, and will never allow a 3rd party track you through our website.