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Download Splintermail 0.3.0

Released on 1 October 2021.

Version 0.3.0 is Splintermail's initial release of (partial) IMAP support! Not all email clients have been tested, but Thunderbird should work well. Email us if you would like to use Splintermail with an email client that isn't yet supported, and we will prioritize support for that client.

All source code is availaible on our Github page.


Version Installer (x86 and amd64)
Windows (10+) download


Unfortunately, Splintermail 0.3.0 does NOT work with Apple's Mail email client. We're working on that.

Version Installer (amd64) Uninstaller (amd64)
OSX (11.4+) download download


Distro amd64 Package
Arch download
Centos (8+) download
Debian (10+) download
Fedora (33+) download
Ubuntu (18.04+) download

Looking for a different version (not 0.3.0)?

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